Discuss how a single child born in a highly developed country may have a greater impact on the environment than 12 children born in less developed countries.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is possible because one of the greatest ways in which humans impact the environment is through consumption of energy.  People in the developed world use much more energy than people in less developed countries.  People in rich countries have computers and televisions and iPods and all of these other devices that use energy.  They also have cars and drive them a lot.  These things impact the environment through the emission of greenhouse gasses.  In addition, you could look at things like how much the person in the developed world will eat and how much in the way of chemicals is used to grow that food.  Because people in the developed world consume so much more energy use so much more of other resources, the situation you lay out could be possible.

jessiiiix0ox | Student

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