One of the advantages of bilingualism is "cultural awareness." Could I have a paragraph which explains this point?

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jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cultural awareness means developing an understanding of cultures other than your own.  Most people do not just stumble upon cultural awareness; they work to cultivate it.  You can develop cultural awareness in many ways, including traveling to visit other cultures and speaking to people who belong to other cultures. 

Bilingualism means you can speak two languages fluently.  When you can speak the language of another culture, it helps you to understand that culture.  So much of culture is expressed through language; learning the words and phrases of another culture help you to understand the feelings of that culture.  There are words in other languages which cannot be expressed in English because the English culture doesn't have a capacity to understand those words.  So understanding a language helps you to understand a culture.

In another aspect, learning a language brings you closer to a culture because once you can speak the language of a culture you can interact with the people of that culture.  So if your bilingualism helps you communicate with others, it opens doors for understanding between your own culture and others.

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