Hilary makes 3 laps around the track at her high school about how many meters did she run? *Hint use pi*  Track - 50M

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Supposing that the problem provides the value of circumference of the track, hence, you may find how many meters did she run multiplying 50 by 3 such that:

`3laps = 3*50 = 150`  meters

Since the problem requests to use `pi` , hence, you should consider the length of track of `50 m`  and you need to use the formula of circumference such that:

`c = 2*pi*r => c = pi*D = 50*pi`

Hence, one track represents `50*pi`  meters and you may find how many meters she run such that:

`3*c = 3*50*pi =150 pi ` meters

Hence, evaluating how many meters Hilary covered after 3 laps, considering the length of track of 50 m, yields `3*c = 150 pi ` meters.

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