Once a person's bonds to society are weakened, what social processes can help to reattach them?   

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There are many ways in which both social isolation and social reconnection can happen. Of course, many people are completely content being "isolated" from society and prefer a more solo existence. For those who have been isolated from society in ways that have been harmful, such as through being incarcerated, there are several channels through which people can reconnect to society. In the example of incarceration, there is a wide spectrum of thoughts, ideologies, and biases that play into how people think of prisoners reconnecting with society. On the authoritarian end of the spectrum, people often conceive of prisoners are inherently bad people who are lacking in desirable characteristics and who must be carefully and often coercively reconnected into society though probation programs and other systems that, it could be argued, are oppressive. This authoritarian ideology often promotes frequent and immediate re-imprisonment of individuals following any breaches of the state-created...

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