On what pages does the author describe the characters Ralph, Piggy, Jack, and Simon in chapter 1 of Lord of the Flies?

It is on page one of Lord of the Flies that the author describes Ralph and Piggy. In the Google Books eBook version of the story, Jack is described on page fifteen, and Simon is introduced on page sixteen and described on page nineteen.

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My version of this book is the Google Books eBook, and I will answer your questions about page numbers accordingly. Page one begins with a description of Ralph, who is “the boy with fair hair.” He is described as being uncomfortably hot, with clothing and hair alike sticking to him.

Later on page one, Ralph hears the voice of Piggy, who has been “caught up” in creepers. Ralph then sees Piggy as he emerges from the undergrowth, and the first thing we are told is that he has chubby knees and that his legs have been scratched by thorns. We then learn that he is shorter than Ralph and “very fat.” Lastly, we are told that Piggy is wearing thick glasses. Piggy does not seem to understand the boys’ predicament as yet, as the first things he asks Ralph is about the whereabouts of a man with a megaphone. In my version of the book, this all happens on page two.

It is on page fifteen of my version that Jack arrives on the scene. He is described as wearing a “floating cloak” and having...

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