On page 173 of Lyddie, what happens after Lyddie visits Brigid to explain her dismissal and "plan"?

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Brigid’s crying annoys Lyddie, and she does not stay long.

After Lyddie is dismissed, she goes to Brigid’s house and explains to her that she wrote a letter to Mr. Mardsen threating to tell him that she saw him try to assault Brigid.  The letter should prevent Brigid from also being dismissed.  She gives Brigid a letter and has her promise to mail it if there are ever any problems with him.

Lyddie does not want to stay long in Brigid's shack.  She stays only long enough to catch her breath, and give Brigid the letter and her gift.

"I'll be going, Brigid. Oh, yes. I nearly forgot." She handed the girl the parcel containing Brigid's old primer and Oliver Twist. "So you won't forget me altogether, ey?" she said, and fled so she wouldn't have to listen to Brigid's sobs. (Ch. 22)

Lyddie has grown attached to Brigid.  When she first came, Lyddie was annoyed at having to train her.  However, she came to like the girl and see her almost like another sister.  Leaving Brigid was hard for Lyddie.  That’s why she didn’t stay to listen to Brigid cry.  She is not the sentimental sort, but listening to Brigid annoys and upsets her.

Lyddie knows that Brigid can’t read yet, but she hopes that with the primer and a copy of the book, Brigid will learn how to read the way Lyddie did.  The book holds a special significance for Lyddie, and she wants Brigid to have it.

Lyddie is not judgmental about the squalid conditions that Brigid lives in.  She has often had to suffer in her life.  She is more concerned that Brigid not lose her job. She worries about Brigid.  She even tells Diana to write to Brigid.

"You must write to Brigid and tell her you are fine, ey?" Lyddie said as they parted the next morning. "She can read now, and she worries." (Ch. 22)

Lyddie lost her job protecting Brigid.  Her family was scattered, and she had very few choices.  Without her factory job, she would not be able to be independent and make her own money.  However, Lyddie made sure to protect Brigid, even after what it cost her.

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