Does Oliver Twist run into trouble in the novel?  

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Oliver Twist never stops getting into trouble of one kind or another. Here are just a few examples to help you get started:

  • At the workhouse, Oliver draws the short straw and approaches the master to ask for more gruel. The master can't believe his ears: a workhouse child asking for more? The board of governors are so scandalized by Oliver's impudence that they will gladly pay to have someone take him off their hands.
  • That someone happens to be Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker, who takes Oliver on as his new apprentice. But as always trouble seems to follow Oliver around wherever he goes, and soon he's causing ructions in his new home. Mr. Sowerberry's other apprentice, nasty Noah Claypole, gets a good hiding from Oliver after making insulting references to his mother. Oliver in turn gets a good thrashing—albeit reluctantly—from Mr. Sowerberry.
  • Oliver's unpleasant experiences as an apprentice undertaker cause him to take off to London, where he falls in with a gang of thieving street urchins led by the notorious Fagin. Fagin teaches Oliver the art of pickpocketing, and as part of his latest apprenticeship, Oliver accompanies the Artful Dodger and another boy while they steal from an old man browsing outside a book shop. When the old man is alerted to his being robbed, he turns round. The more experienced boys quickly manage to scarper, leaving poor old Oliver holding the bag. Oliver desperately runs off, with a baying mob in hot pursuit. The chase comes to an end with Oliver getting a good hard smack in the mouth, which knocks him out cold.
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