In "Old Man and the Sea", what are the first, second, third, and fourth weapons the old man lost?

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In his desperate battle against the sharks who are after the meat of the great fish he has caught and secured to his boat, the first weapon that the old man loses is his harpoon.  The old man "ram(s) the harpoon down onto (a) shark's head...(in) the location of the brain", and, after struggling for a brief period of time, the shark sinks into the ocean, taking with it the harpoon and all the rope. 

Left without his primary weapon, the old man fashions a substitute by lashing his knife to an oar.  Using it like a harpoon, he kills a couple of more sharks, but eventually the knife blade snaps, rendering it, too, useless.  The old man then resorts to using a club, which is actually "an oar handle from a broken oar sawed off to about two and a half feet in length".  Using all of his remaining, waning strength, the old man manages to fend off several more predators, but as he flails away in the night "at what he (can) only feel and hear...he (feels) something seize the club and it (is) gone". 

Desperate, the old man jerks the tiller free from the rudder and "beat(s) and chop(s) with it, holding it in both hands and driving it down again and again", but to no avail.  Eventually the tiller breaks, and he is left to avert the attackers as best he can with only the splintered butt of the tiller in his bleeding hands.

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