old Joe's scavenger shopdescribe the scene scrooge first sees at old joe's scavenger shop?  

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This is an important scene because Scrooge sees all that he has worked so hard to amass, his worldly belongings, being pawed over and in the kind of setting that he himself would never enter. He learns the hard way that whatever wealth and belongings you amass in this world you are unable to take them with you. He thus is challenged to think very hard about how he spends his time and energy.

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In Stave IV, Scrooge sees his future.  He does not realize he is dead.  When he visit's Old Joe's scavenger shop, he sees his servants and the undertaker's assistant selling his possessions: bed curtains, silver and even the shirt he was buried in.  Although he has to realize they are his, he is still in denial.  He refuses to allow himself to accept that he is the dead man whose life he has been hearing about.

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