Okonkwo changes significantly after the killing of Ikemefuna. Describe those changes and how they reflect Okonkwo's struggle with his feminine side.

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Okonkwo, the novel’s main character, is a tragic hero whose strengths become weaknesses. When Okonkwo is introduced in the novel, he is described as being famous for his personal achievements and holding many titles. He is known to have been a great wrestler in his youth, and in his adulthood, he is known to be a hard-working and successful farmer. His successes make him a very popular and respected member of his clan. Okonkwo works hard to be the opposite of his father, who he believes was feminine and cowardly. Okonkwo’s role in his familial relationship proves that he rules his household with a heavy hand: “Okonkwo’s prosperity was visible in his household” (Pg. 14).

With his desire to not be anything like his own father, Okonkwo is both verbally and physically abusive to his wives and children, showing little to no affection. The fifteen-year-old boy‚ Ikemefuna ‚ is forced to leave his homeland and his parents to live with Okonkwo’s family. The young boy “…could...

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