Ok so I need help coming up with a really good senior thesis, it has to be about African American history, any ideas?? I am african american but I don't want to end up coming up with something similar to others in my class!

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I think a really cool thing to do would be to look at the work of Black artists during the Depression, those who worked for Roosevelt's WPA. Writers like Zora Neale Hurston, most famous for her novel Their Eyes Were Watching God would be a good place to start. Hurston was employed by the WPA to go out and document the food that was being served in diners and restaurants all over the country. Remember, this is a pre-freeway America; therefore, the dishes Hurston documented were not the homogenous offerings we find now. Rather, each area of the country had its own "flavor." It's a true delight to discover an America that was so incredibly diverse.

Check out this study called The Food of a Younger Land

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If you want to be different, then look at some aspect of black history that is typically overlooked because it is not really popular.  For example, the previous post suggests that you look at something connected to the Obama Administration, but I think that is very likely to be the kind of thing that lots of people would think of doing.  Perhaps you should, instead, look at black conservatives.  These are people who don't get much attention because they go against what African Americans are "supposed to" be like.  But you have a number of people that you could look at like Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, people like that.  Maybe you could look at some aspect of this contrarian movement.  Perhaps you could try to determine what sorts of African Americans are likely to be conservative.  Or you could look at the reception that conservative blacks get from other blacks (or from whites).  I think that this sort of topic would be more likely to make you stand out.

If this gets moved to the discussion boards, maybe you could chime in and let us know what sorts of topics are of any interest to you.  If you have no interest in politics, these might not be the topics for you.

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There are limitless possibilities for this topic. But I think it might be very interesting to choose some aspect of the African-American experience that is connected to the Obama administration, which represents an historic breakthrough for African-Americans in politics. Perhaps looking at the history of African-American advancement in politics, or specifically the experiences of such politicians as they rise from the ranks of local to national political involvement. It might be interesting to look specifically at Chicago's political history, too, since Obama was based there and since municipal government in Chicago has often been controversial. Obama's career trajectory has been fascinating and there may well be some interesting topics based there as well.

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