In Great Expectations, Chapter 36, what does Pip still not find out?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that what Pip still does not find out in this chapter is who his benefactor is -- who has been sending him money through Mr. Jaggers.  At one point, he asks Mr. Jaggers if he is going to find out who the benefactor is and Jaggers tells him that he is not going to.

"Of course it would be a great relief to me to ask you several questions, sir; but I remember your prohibition."

"Ask one," said Mr. Jaggers.

"Is my benefactor to be made known to me to-day?"

"No. Ask another."

What happens in this chapter is that Pip has turned 21.  On that occasion, he will start to take care of his own finances.  Instead of getting money from Jaggers (through Wemmick) whenever he needs it, he will now get a set amount each year and take care of it himself.

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