Okay, so I am confused. What is he trying to do in this book? Is he trying to become better and live better, or is it just still the same like how he is in Rabbit, Run?

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In this novel, Rabbit is portrayed as being somewhat contrite about the extramarital affair he had in the first novel, and this sets him up to feel like the injured party when his wife has an affair with his work partner. Rabbit has also begun to understand that his early glory days as a basketball player are falling behind him and he will not be able to pursue basketball as a career. This slow acceptance allows him to realize that his work at the car dealership is where he should focus his energy. But since his wife is the one responsible for him getting this job, there is also resentment towards her, coupled with his grief over the accidental death of their daughter, and his desire to blame his wife for this as well.


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I think he somewhat changes much in this novel.

not as rebellious as he was in Rabbit Run

but a little worldly-wise and he even takes other's stands when taking actions.