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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you will receive some distinct answers to this issue.  It has gained much in way of traction and discussion over the last three weeks, especially given the challenge in the Gulf of Mexico.  I think that the most relevant answer would be the one delivered by BP officials tonight, in the hopes of stemming the flow of gushing oil.  Placing a cap on the spewing geyser of oil would be one potential solution that would be offered.  I think that another solution has been offered by Senator Bill Foster of Florida in deploying more military to the Gulf, in the belief that they have the knowledge and resources to deal with such a natural disaster.  Senator Foster didn't give much in way of specifics about this, but I think he was looking for more federal government action in the particular situation.  The larger issue could be what can be done to ensure that such a situation does not happen again, and demanding that companies take the necessary precautions to make sure that there is a fail safe mechanism that is activated in such a predicament might be another potential path that could prevent such a challenge.

ali001 | Student

i recon we should build bigger and bettrer sailing vessels for the transporting of oil

gannee9 | Student

its better to ask with the concern person or authority about the oil spill solutions.i think they have the better solutions for stopping this all mess.if they have the ability to earn a million billion of dollars then they must have the ability to stop all this without a delay.

they must stop to kill our mother nature anyhow.