Of the following three types of speeches, informative, persuasive, and special occasion, discuss in detail which type of speech you feel you can present the best. Share which type of speech and discuss in at least two paragraphs.

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Feel free to answer this question with what you believe to be right. If you personally feel that special occasion speeches are your strength, explain to your reader why that is so. Personally, I feel that special occasion speeches are quite difficult to deliver. The reason for this is because of how varied the occasions can be. You might be speaking at a graduation, speaking at a wedding, or speaking at a funeral. All three of those special occasions call for very different deliveries. Additionally, special occasions usually have incredibly diverse audiences in age, beliefs, backgrounds, etc. It's very difficult to craft a speech to an audience that is so diverse.

I believe that informative speeches can be difficult to deliver as well. There is always a risk of sounding "dry" or like you are listing a bunch of useless information to people.

I believe that most speakers would likely say that they are best at persuasive speeches because they allow a speaker to be informative while at the same time passionate. The persuasive speech has the advantage of asking the speaker to provide information to audiences and then convince them of something based on that information. This allows a speaker to seamlessly blend both logos and pathos together. Of course there is a catch. Speakers can be quite adept at the persuasive speech if their audience is positive to neutral. It's when an audience is initially against the idea that persuasive speeches are very difficult to give.

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