In The Odyssey, what is Homer's style?

Expert Answers
wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The obvious answer is that he employed the epic style of Poetics, by which is meant, according to Aristotle, he used multiple narrators; many characters speak as the story unfolds.  More subtly, Homer pieced many Greek mythological stories together to unravel the epic of Odyssey’s return to Ithaca.  Also, he combined human acts (especially heroic acts) with divine intervention in human activities (especially gods taking human shape), to depict the relationship between humanity and the gods.  In the divisions of the long epic narrative, too, we see Homer’s technique, to depict first the escape from Troy, then the various adventures tied into the difficulties he and his crew encounter, and finally, the devious means he uses to disguise his identity until the climactic fight and reconciliation with Penelope.  Homer’s skill at building our interest, even intrigue, as he moves his story forward set the bar very high for future novelists and epic writers.