In The Odyssey the quote "leadership is a two way street loyalty up and loyalty down," how does this quote connect to The Lord of the Rings?

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Loyalty plays a major role in the Lord of the Rings. Sam's loyalty to Frodo was the main example. Sam's loyalty never wavered, but Frodo, as the ring took over his mind, cast Sam away on several occasions. Once Sam remonstrates with Frodo about how the ring is affecting his perception of Gollum (always siding with him). Sam is set up by Gollum for eating all the elven bread, when Gollum threw it away. When Sam offers to carry the ring for Frodo to relieve him of the burden, Gollum's underhanded mutterings about Sam trying to take the ring made Frodo send Sam away. Always the loyal friend, Sam follows Gollum and Frodo and ends up saving both Frodo and the ring. Loyalty between the elf, Legolas, and the dwarf, Gimli, even though the two races have scant use for each other, is shown when they come to accept each other as friends. Aragorn's loyalty to both the king of Rohan and the steward of Gondor is evident when he defers to their decisions, even the unwise ones. Faramir is loyal to his father, but that loyalty is not returned. His father's mind has been warped by the power of the palantir controlled by Sauron and a preference for his older son, Boromir now dead at the hand of Orcs. Loyalty, too, is demonstrated by the elves to man, when help is sent at the battle of Helm's Deep. The elves have had little contact with men since the war that overthrew Sauron centuries before, yet they hold to the agreements between them to support each other in time of need.

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