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In The Odyssey, how does Odysseus gain access to the underworld? It's in Chapter 11.

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Circe tells Odysseus what to do to gain access to the Underworld. She says, in part, to

"[...] sit back and the North Wind will speed you on your way [...]. Beach your vessel hard by the Ocean’s churning shore and make your own way down to the moldering House of Death. And there into Acheron, the Flood of Grief, two rivers flow, the torrent River of Fire, the wailing River of Tears that branches off from Styx, the Stream of Hate, and a stark crag looms where the two rivers thunder down and meet."

This is how they will get there, then. His ship will take him to the proper place, and, there, Odysseus must secure it and go, on foot, into the Underworld. He must cross the rivers that border it and run through Hades until he reaches the place where they meet. Once there, he must go...

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