Are Odysseus's actions in dealing with the suitors consistent with his actions earlier in the story? 

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Odysseus has always been wise. He has used his wit to defeat the Trojans. He came up with the idea of the Trojan horse which proved to be a turning point in the Trojan War. While Odysseus has used his wisdom to lead a successful life, he has always been a bit arrogant. He has not given the gods credit for his successes. He has claimed total credit for his successes. 

After his difficult journey in trying to get home, Odysseus has been humbled. He now realizes that the gods deserve credit for the help they offer men. Also, Odysseus has learned patience from his difficult journey in trying to get home. He has become more and more patient.  

Once Odysseus reaches his homeland, he shares with his son his learning from his obstacles and difficulties in trying to sail home to Ithaca. Now, Odysseus has learned that there is a time to be angry. He shares this knowledge with his son. The two of them wait patiently for the right time to be angry with the suitors. When the time is right, Odysseus attacks and defeats the suitors. Although it was extremely difficult for Odysseus to remain calm while the suitors were mocking him, he maintains his self control. His difficult journey in trying to get home has taught him self control and patience. 

No doubt, Odysseus has learned so much from his difficulties in trying to get home. He has become more patient. He has learned to control his anger until the right moment. Truly, Odysseus has changed. He has become wiser and more patient than ever. His difficult journey has taught him to be more appreciative of life. He has also learned that the gods deserve credit for their role in men's lives. Odysseus is no longer as prideful as he once was.  

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