Can you help me with this question? Odysseus says that the cyclops...   a.) are solitary louts who do not have tribal customs or farms b.) did no harm but "never cared to report, nor to return" c.) gave him a banquet and asked him to tell about himself.

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The chapter that details Odysseus' experience with the cyclops is a very famous part of the story The Odyssey. It's famous for several reasons. For one thing, it includes an ugly, scary monster (the cyclops itself). It also gives some good examples of Odysseus' greatest strength, his cleverness.

As you read the chapter, look at how Odysseus tricks the cyclops just by giving him a false name when the cyclops asks who he is. And look at how Odysseus and his men make it out of the cave alive. What plan did Odysseus come up with to make their escape possible?

This chapter also shows the reader Odysseus' character flaw. The men are nearly killed by the cyclops after they have already escaped and jumped into their ship. They are rowing away when Odysseus says something to cyclops. What does he say, and what weakness does this reveal on Odysseus' part?

You may have noticed that I haven't directly answered your question. It wouldn't be right for me to give you the answer to a multiple choice question. But, I have given you some background to help you understand the chapter. If you read it, your question will be very easy to answer. Only one of your choices is even close to being right. It's an easy question!!!

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