Odysseus possesses many exemplary qualities in The Odyssey. List and explain how they benefit him.  

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Odysseus's exemplary qualities are virtually endless. He shows heroism in battle with the Trojans and in facing the unknown monsters that hinder his voyages. Although he is not the warrior of Achilles nor Hector, he is the only man strong enough to string his own powerful bow. His cleverness is displayed not only with his conception of the peace offering of the giant Trojan horse but also with by his quick-thinking remedy of dealing with Polyphemus. He is not above playing second-fiddle at times, negotiating successfully on behalf of Agamemnon, and he impresses the Trojans with his great skills of elocution. He inspires the unquestioned confidence of his men and remains steadfastly loyal to his wife, Penelope. He has enough faith in humanity to deny a chance for immortality, and his own human passions are enough to charm the beautiful goddess Calypso and the enchantress Circe.

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