In "The Odyssey", why does Odysseus ask Telemakhos to hide weapons in the upper room?

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Odysseus and Telemachus move the weapons so that later they will have easy access to them when they fight against the suitors.

In book 19 Telemachus and Odysseus move the weapons and armor from the great room and hide them in the upper chamber. In book 22, when Odysseus reveals himself to the suitors, he gives Telemachus a signal to retrieve the weapons and armor from the upper chamber. Together, they fight and a kill the suitors who have taken control of Odysseus' house.

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because they dont want the suitors to have access to the weapons during the battle at the great halls so only Odysseus and his allies have weapons. Telemakhos however tells the maids that he doesnt want the suitors to start fighting between eachother since they were always drunk or because of Penelope (Telemakhos' excuse)

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