In "The Occupying Melbourne Movement: The writer's blog,"what does the writer conclude?

In "The Occupying Melbourne Movement: The writer's blog,"
what does the writer conclude?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Essentially, the writer, Mike Stuchbery, concludes that there is a worthwhile endeavor in his attending the Occupy Melbourne protests.  He talks about his own potential ambivalence to start the blog, but then concludes that there is some positive and redemptive spirit that underscores the protests:

Yes, it was all a bit unfocused, but it felt good, there was a certain raw optimism and excitement in the air.

Examples are given to this end, such as the raucous cheers given to the belief that the Occupy protesters should support the police officers who are immersed in their own collective bargaining practices to achieve fairer wages.  The notion of the police "being cheered" is something that appeals to the writer, helping him to conclude that there is something powerful and redemptive to the protests.  Stuchbery concludes that another reason why the protest and the movement is so compelling is because it reaches in so many different areas, such as advocacy for Palestinian statehood, the discussion of allocation of wealth, as well as other issues that the writer concludes reflects "intensely passionate people" who want to expand the social discourse of our times.