What is the contention of the following blog about the Occupy Melbourne Movement protest?http://mike-stuchbery.com/2011/10/15/occupying-melbourne/

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The overall contention of this piece is that the Occupy Melbourne protests are a positive development for Australian society.  This can clearly be seen in the following sentences:

In all, I have to say that Occupy Melbourne is a good thing. It should be encouraged and supported as a lightning rod for public discussion.


The writer's basic argument is that this protest is not pointless and chaotic like other protests he has seen.  Instead, this is a protest in which people are making good points for the most part.  It is a protest in which people are not simply spouting ideology.  Instead, they are using good, reasonable, methods to have serious debates on important issues.  

The main contention, then, is that this protest is positive for Australia and should be encouraged.

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