In "The Occupy Melbourne Movement: The Writer's Blog," how does Stuchbery describe the Occupy Melbourne site?

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Stuchbery's description of the protest site is consistent with his belief and praise of the energetic spirit that underlies the event and his advocacy of it.  The initial descriptions of the openness of the site helps to substantiate his concluding belief that Occupy Melbourne is an inclusive arena of ideas and passionate debate.  The youth of the participants and the organizers is another element of the setting that Stuchbery notes.  He is impressed with how organized from a relative standpoint that the event was and that young people could coordinate this themselves.  He was struck by the lack of activist "hyperbole," again indicating the inclusiveness of the event.  In terms of logistical elements described, Stuchbery talks about how there was a "children's corner," an area where children could play and a kitchen where food was made and distributed to the attendees.  Even in the divergent disagreement that existed, Stuchbery points out that the tone for such exchange was "lively, but friendly."  All of these initial descriptions do much for Stuchbery's thesis that the spirit of energy and vitality was the resonant element from his experience in the protest.