Consider the The Occupy Melbourne Movement's promotional flyer/poster as an article on its own, assessing its basic argument.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The promotional poster for the Occupy Melbourne Movement is able to capture some of the overall Occupy movement's tenets while keeping Australian politics in the forefront of its concern.  Consider the fact that the hand is made through the silhouette of Australia.  I think that this helps to bring credence to the argument that the issues that are plaguing the world economic system in terms of resource disparity, misappropriation of wealth, and economic imbalances are present in Australia, in forms intrinsic to Australia.  In seeking to regionalize the global movement, greater relevancy to Australia is sought.  Another element that is present in the article that stresses the movement's basic argument is the idea of individuals "making" their own mark.  This is brought out through the fingerprints that lead back to Australia, almost suggesting that no matter what economic condition one finds themselves, they can "make a mark."  It is for this reason that the flyer speaks to the viewer in suggesting that "YOU" can make a mark on the future of Australia, primarily through participation in the Occupy Melbourne movement.