Obtaining the Video in The Lost Symbol by Dan BrownIn The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, how did Sato obtain the video of the Masonic initiation and where in the book does it say this?

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Every time that Sato went to the Masonic rituals, it was in disguise; he put make-up on to cover his massive tattoos, and put a wig on to cover his lack of hair.  His intents were to undermine the Masons, to reveal their secretive rituals to the world, and to use the knowledge that he gained through participation for his own gain and power, which he wanted in order to enact destruction.

In the book, it is when he goes to his home for the first time that Dan Brown reveals how he got video of the rituals. As Sato is putting on his disguise again, before he meets Katherin the first time posing as a doctor, he puts his wig on.  As he does so, he mentions that he had devised a video camera that he hid inside of the wig; that way, everything that he saw in the rituals, the video camera that was placed in his wig also caught it.  So, it is through his disguise, his wig, that he captures video of the elusive and enigmatic Masonic rituals.

I hope that helped; good luck!

dkgarran eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think you're confusing Sato with Mal'ach. Inoue Sato was the Director of the CIA's Office of Security. She is a small, Japanese woman who lived in the Nisei internment camps as a child. Mal'ach had several different identities over the course of his life and throughout the novel. In reality, he was Zachary Solomon, son of Peter Solomon. He was able to penetrate the Masons in disguise. As mentioned above, he did, indeed, use a wig to hide a video recording device. He threatened to upload this video to the internet which would have ruined the careers of many notable Washington politicians.

suredennis | Student

Yes, I agree with drbillperry.... Sato showed Bellamy some video in the "jungle" to convinced Bellamy to join her side. But it never mentioned afterwards how Sato got this video and what was the content...

The video she showed to Robert Longdon was found from the camera in the wig, which was found after they broke into Zac's house....

Does not make sense to me at all......

Yes, Sato said she "considers Peter Soloman a threat to national security", but why??? and after Zac died, she even granted the access to Washington Oblisek for the man who she considered a threat to national security"?

I don't think a CIA directory would behave like that unless she knows the entire plot before it happened.... which makes no sense at all again.

drbillperry | Student

No thoughts, but I agree with you that this is very frustrating and I can't let go of it - It's such an integral part of the plot. Is this simply an author error in plot construction?

shinergirl | Student

Thanks itsjuzme - I cannot figure out how Sato got the video to begin with unless is states is somewhere in the book and I cannot find it  - This driving me and my parents crazy - There is no way Ma'lach would have showed his trump card to Sato be releasing his video early - This would have undermine his entire plan. The only lead I can find is when Sato says she "considers Peter Soloman a threat to national security" except what does that mean, she was spying on him.

Any thoughts?

itsjuzme | Student

Sato showed the video to Bellamy and later to Langdon. So how did she get it??

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