"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals," What does this quote mean and what is the importance of it?

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I like the premise of the quote as being something related to the nature of overcoming challenges and ensuring that focus is present at all times.  When focus of the primary goal is lost, I think the quote is saying that is when what lies in front of us becomes challenging and concerns begin to mount.  In order to effectively face down that which is in front of us, there has to be a complete sense of focus on the overall and end goal.  It is focusing on this end that allows us to better understand how these challenges do not become obstacles, and can be overcoming in the name of the larger goal.

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What this quote means is that you only see things as obstacles (as problems) when you take your eye off the goal that you are trying to reach.  When you are focused on the goal, you do not worry about what is between you and that goal.  Instead, you just concentrate on the goal and take whatever is between you and that goal in your stride.

This is one of those motivational type of quotes -- that is its importance.  It is meant to remind us not to get too bogged down worrying about what we have to overcome each day.  Instead, we should concentrate on our goals --that will make us more successful.

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