Is Obama right for our country?I personally voted for Obama, and I truly believe he cares for this country.  I also fear that he wants to take on all the problems all at once, and in the long run...

Is Obama right for our country?

I personally voted for Obama, and I truly believe he cares for this country.  I also fear that he wants to take on all the problems all at once, and in the long run nothing we get accomplished.  What do you think about Obama's approach so far to change?  What do you think he should do in order to become a successful president?

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I think Obama is a very polarizing figure. The Republicans, specifically the Tea Party, are desperate to prevent progress while Obama is in office, or allow him to take credit for anything. This is the problem with politics today. No one is willing to compromise.
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Well, here's a post from 18 months into his administration.  I do still think he is right for our country at this time - that is, we needed financial reform, we needed health care reform (even though some can't stand the way it happened, I understand), we needed a resolution of sorts in Iraq.  As controversial as Obama is, really quite a bit has been accomplished during his first year and a half.  Unfortunately, the country has become so viscerally divided (frighteningly so, actually) that I don't know how much more he will be allowed to do in the 2 1/2 years he has left on his first term.

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There is an old saying...."If hindsight were foresight we would all be geniuses"... There is no definitive way of answering your question, and as far as political opinions go, those who voted for Senator Obama will see it one way, and those who voted for Senator McCain will see it another. As cliche' as it sounds, only time can answer your question, it's not the democratic answer, it's not the republican answer, it's not any of the other political party answers, it is what I call the 'American' answer.

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That remains to be seen.  I fear that our military's well being and ability to function will be cut out from underneath them by huge budget cuts leaving their families to depend on social systems like food stamps and welfare.  I fear that taxes will be raised so high that most of us won't be able to afford to go on vacation when we get one (that's the way it is in Paris with their 19.6% taxes).  I fear that Mr. Obama has put the cart before the horse and has no idea how to carry through all the promises he made to the American people.  I fear that many people who voted for him because they think he's going to pay for their mortgages and their taxes will revolt when he doesn't.

I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see the happy ending he promised right now.  I've lived long enough not to believe in all the election promises...they are rarely kept.

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