Obama and the Middle EastDo you think Obama will keep his promise to solve the Middle East's problems?

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I think Obama is trying to find a solution to the Middle East problem. However, the problems have been going on for so long, and those involved are so unwilling to compromise, that he has found it difficult to make any progress at all.
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Well I agree with #2 post, no one can really solve all the issues in the Middle East. Many of those problems have been around for thousands of years and even super power America cannot go in and change everything.  What Obama needs to do is set a reasonable timetable to pull our troops out and end this war, and then create a solid peace treaty with Iraq and Afghanistan so we can build relations and still support them in their improvements.  What we absolute cannot do, is just "cut and run"..haha politicians love that one:)

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Did Obama promise to "solve" the problems in the Middle East? I don't remember him saying so, if you have a link it would be interesting to read.

I agree that no one can "solve" the various problems, it's a big area with a lot of individual issues.

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I don't think anyone can really "solve" the problems in the Middle East. They are too deeply ingrained in the differing groups of people there: Arabs, Jews, etc. However, I think there are wise and diplomatic decisions that world leaders can make which can help ease tensions.  Obama is fortunate in that he is well-liked the world over, so he will probably be able to get certain groups of people to consider taking steps that they might not have otherwise. I think Obama is good for the United States as far as its standing in the world, but I also fear that people may put unrealistic expectations on him. No one will be able to just snap their fingers and make the problems in the middle east go away.

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Also he for sure can't solve all the problem's but at least the most important problem the American soldier's in Iraq and Afghanstan..