In 1984, O' Brien reaveals to Winston the Party's secret slogan, "God is Power". What is the meaning of this slogan? 

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adrigon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"God is Power", as the slogan of the Party, takes on a very sinister meaning. God in this case can be seen to mean the faceless justification for all of the injustice and silly controls in the world. The Party is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and its power lies in being all things to all people. Those who question the divinity of the Party find themselves unmade very quickly.

frizzyperm | Student

If 'God is Power' then 'Power is God'

The party is an organisation with only one aim; the survival and improvement of its own position. It is a out-of-control machine made up of people who no longer have any influence over it. It is absolutely ruthless, amoral and demanding. It serves itself and any person who looks for a method of limiting it will be killed.

The more power the party has, the more control it has and so, the safer it is.  That is the only thing that matters to The Party. And, because of this, the only people who are really succesful in the party are people who feel the same and don't care about anything except themselves. So, only psychopaths rise to the top of the party.

There are many countries in the world trapped in this mad cycle of brutality.