Are the nutrients you get from eggs also the same as you get from chicken?Brief explanation of this.

Expert Answers
bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While there are some similarities in nutrient composition between the chicken and the egg, there are probably some important differences as well.  Otherwise, their physical structure should resemble each other a little more closely.  For example, there obviously is protein, which is composed of various amino acids, present in both the chicken and the egg.  But there is probably more calcium in the egg shell than is present in the chicken (proportionally speaking), and there is probably more fat in the chicken than there is in the egg.  Due to the fact the chicken represents the adult, matured physical specimen, it is multicellular and has more nutrients on a wider scale than does the egg.  The egg represents the chicken on the starting, embryonic end of the scale.  It has the starting nutrients and required starting materials, but does not have the diversification the chicken has.

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