Nurture vs. Nature? Do you think NURTURE or NATURE is responsible for identity formation?

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For examples of nurture, look at yourself. How are you like your parents because of the way they have raised you? Are you religious? What is your political affiliation? What do you value? Do you share the same sense of humor? Do you have common interests? These things may all be a result of the way you were nurtured by your parents.

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If you are looking for more support for nurture, look at case studies that have been done. Can you find examples where twins have been brought up in a different environment and have some differences because of how they were brought up? There may be examples that show the opposite, but you should be able to find something that supports your argument.

You might also talk about families in which the children all go into similar professions. Many parents who are educators, for example, have children who go into education as well because that parent nurtured that child with similar values about education (the same can go with health care). Again, you will be able to find information that supports both sides, but you have to make the information you find work for your argument.

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So... you want more ideas for nurture?  One way that you can argue this is to look at how the children of well-off people are much more likely to do well in school.  It appears that this has a lot to do with the ways in which such people are raised, compared to other kinds of people.  The extra attention that parents give them, combined with the simple atmosphere of the home seems to make them more likely to succeed.

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Nature and nurture definitely both affect us, but different people are effected differently. You can have two siblings grow up in the same household, even twins, and some will be like each other and some will be different. Everyone is affected to environment differently.
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I would have to agree that a delicate balance between nature and nurture play a part in the formation of one's identity. Great studies to examine regarding nature verses nurture are twin studies where each child was brought up in a different home. Even given the different aspects of nurture, normally the twins share some common characteristics/attributes.

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I'd have to say that there are elements of both, but certainly some of our personality and mannerisms are genetically coded.

I'm adopted and share certain traits, interests, and mannerisms with my maternal grandfather. I only found this out when I was 20, when I met him for the first time.

Given my experience, I have to acknowledge some elements of NATURE in personality formation. Yet, I don't and can't attribute everything about personality formation to NATURE. Circumstances and experience play their part as well.

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Well, for my essay I picked Nurture. I'm not really getting enough support to back-up my reason. I feel that your identity is both Nurture and Nature. More so nurture because your environment, your family, your friends, and your service to others can affect the way your identity is formed.