As a nurse, how can I manage a unit of 30 residents with two staffs when there is situation going on with patients, staffs, or both?  

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First, we should note that eNotes answers are for educational purposes only, giving you advice on how to write papers or study for exams, and not on actual practical management of a medical facility.

If you are writing a paper or responding to an exam question on this topic, your first step would be to clarify the location of this case study. Each country has its own laws and regulations, and regions within countries may differ as well (e.g. US states do not have uniform guidelines). If this staffing level is less than is required by local regulations, you need to report the issue to appropriate authorities.

Assuming you can manage full regulatory compliance, there still would seem to be the issue of whether you could fully cover all shifts at this staffing level. If round-the-clock care is required, at the level of staffing you specify, you might want to offer two proposals, one including overtime and the other using part-time or supplemental nurses to help. 


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