Numerical problemThe density of sea water is 1.025 g/cc and that of iceberg 0.917 g/cc. Find the percentage volume the iceberg inside the sea water.

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thilina-g eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Let V be the total volume of ice and V' be the volume of ice submerged in water.

The volume of water displaced = V'

Bouyancy force exerted upwards is equal to the weight of iceberg.

`B = W`

`V ' xx 1.025 xx g = V xx 0.917 xx g`

Where g is the gravitational acceleration.

`(V')/V = 0.917/1.025`

The percentage of volume submerged is,

`(V')/V xx 100 = 0.917/1.025 xx 100 %`

`(V')/V xx 100 = 89.46 %`


Therefore, 89.46 % of iceberg is inside sea water.