In Number The Stars was Uncle Henrik a carpenter or a fisherman?

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In Number the Stars, a historical fiction novel by Lois Lowry, Uncle Henrik is a fisherman just like many other men in Denmark. Uncle Henrik is an important character in this coming of age story set during the Nazi occupation of Denmark. Uncle Henrik, along with many other Danes, chose to protect the Jews even when threatened with danger and even death. Uncle Henrik uses his house by the sea to protect Jewish refugees alongside the Danish Resistance. Uncle Henrik serves as a sort of mentor to Annemarie, teaching her of bravery, empathy, and selflessness. He famously tells her that it is easier to be brave if she does not know everything, which strongly relates to Annemarie's experience as a young girl during such a turbulent time.

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In the story Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, the time is set during the Holocaust and World War II.  Uncle Henrik, a fisherman like many of the Danish people, is one of those brave Danish people who are rescuing Jewish people and taking them to safety in their boats.  Denmark still stands out as one of the countries whose people would not allow their Jewish population to be killed.  Uncle Henrik knows that he is risking his own death and the death of all his family, and yet he still chooses to save the Jews he can.  Denmark set an example for all of Europe, and Lois Lowry uses her award winning book to remind us of what can be done against tyranny if strong people stand up and act.

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