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In A Doll's House, Nora recalls her father on a number of occassions.  What relevance do these recollections have to the development of the theme? 

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One of the most significant themes of the text has to do with women's dependence on men. Further, inequality among men and women actually produces profoundly negative effects on everyone, not just women. If Nora were able to take out a loan without a man's signature, she would not have felt compelled to forge her father's. Were she allowed to act on her own, legally, she would not have resorted to illegal means. She knows her husband would never consent to borrow the money from Krogstad, and she wants to protect her father from the truth of Torvald's illness and their financial situation, because he himself was so ill, and so Nora does what she feels she must. She asks,

Do you mean to tell me that a daughter has no right to spare her dying father trouble and anxiety?—that a wife has no right to save her husband's life?

This situation ends up hurting her, certainly, but also eventually upsets her husband so much that he acts cruelly and irrevocably damages their relationship. Had Nora...

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