For what number of films did Paul Morrissey collaborate with Andy Warhol?

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It is difficult to give a hard number, as in interviews Paul Morrissey has claimed to have been involved in films in which he does not actually appear in the credits and also a great deal of footage was reused or reshaped in multiple films. For many of the films on which they collaborated, Morrissey claims to have been the driving force in the actual filming, but different Warhol scholars and followers give conflicting accounts. The list below includes many of their known collaborations. In general, Warhol contributed more to the earlier (1965-1968) films and Morrissey became more dominant on the later films. Several of their main collaborations are listed below.

  1. My Hustler: First film with which Morrissey was involved at Warhol Factory.
  2. Camp: Morrissey/Warhol.
  3. The Chelsea Girls: Morrissey/Warhol.
  4. Bike Boy: Morrissey/Warhol.
  5. I, A Man: Morrissey/Warhol.
  6. Trash: Morrissey/Warhol.
  7. Flesh: Morrissey/Warhol.
  8. Heat: Morrissey/Warhol.
  9. Lonesome Cowboys: Morrissey/Warhol.
  10. Imitation of Christ: Morrissey/Warhol.
  11. The Loves of Ondine: Morrissey/Warhol.
  12. Women in Revolt: Morrissey/Warhol.
  13. Flesh for Frankenstein: Morrissey/Warhol.
  14. Blood for Dracula: Morrissey/Warhol.
  15. Mixed Blood: Morrissey/Warhol.
  16. L’Amour: Morrissey/Warhol.
  17. San Diego Surf [1968/1996]: Collaboration. Morrissey did final edit.

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