Number of cities Phileas Fogg visited in India

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At Suez, Phileas Fogg and Passepartout board a steamer bound for Bombay. Also with them is the doggedly determined Inspector Fix, hot on the heels of a notorious bank robber who bears more than a passing resemblance to the intrepid gentleman explorer. The travelers arrive two days ahead of schedule. From Bombay they make their way by train to Calcutta. Fogg is somewhat miffed to realize that the Daily Telegraph was wrong after all; the railroad actually ends at Kholby and then starts again another 50 miles further on at Allahabad.

The ever-resourceful Fogg buys himself an elephant, hires a local guide, and begins the long trek towards Allahabad. On the way there he sees a young widow by the name of Aouda, who's about to be thrown on her late husband's funeral pyre, in accordance with ancient Hindu tradition. Fogg and Passepartout hatch a daring plan to rescue the unfortunate young lady. Passepartout swaps places with her late husband's corpse. His subsequent "resurrection" scares off the assembled priests, allowing Passepartout to whisk Aouda off to safety. Fogg loses two days of traveling time due to this little escapade, but he doesn't mind. Saving Aouda was the right thing to do.

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