Nowadays, lovers are often called by the name "Romeo," but Romeo could not join his beloved in this world. So there is the role of great misfortune. Is it right to call them Romeo?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The name "Romeo" is a popular and well-liked boy's name, especially after David Beckham named his own son Romeo. There is obviously a different connotation here from calling a man "A Romeo", referring to his quests for love.

Calling a man  a romeo infers more infatuation than love as Romeo from Romeo and Juliet was indeed infatuated, intense and definitely confused by love.  

Romeo was in love with Rosaline at the beginning of Romeo and Juliet or thought he was but even Friar Laurence rebuked him

 For doting, not for loving, pupil mine

Romeo behaves irrationally and immaturely as his love is apparently unrequited by Rosaline who vows to remain unmarried. Romeo's ability to fall out of love with Rosaline and "in love" with Juliet so quickly is one of the things that contributes to the use of his name as a description of men who do not commit to a serious relationship with women; have many girlfriends (whether at the same time or consecutively) and who then obtain a reputation for being shallow, impetuous and insincere.   

A man who is a romeo does not think about the effects of his actions - again much like Romeo who calls himself "fortune's fool" after killing Tybalt. Only then does he consider how such actions will impact his relationship. It is fairly stereotypical - hence, the connection to men who very much do the same and sometimes only think about their actions after the event!

The connection with Romeo's own misfortune then is comparable to all the lost opportunities of all the "romeos" out there as their so-called "lovers" move on to more meaningful relationships.   

user1450001 | Student

I have not read Romeo and Juliet but No love can be compared and so the name.

Romeo and Juliet could not meet may be it was the destiny and destiny is always perfect as ever.

Some times lovers cannot unite due to their own levels.

Unison is a matter of "One-ness" !

Untill the real One-ness exist between two souls unison is impossible and so it becomes somehow a perfect destiny for the welfare of two souls that loves each other.