Nowadays how can we show the importance of the workers in our country? 

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We can show the importance of the workers in the country in a number of different ways, both high profile and subtle. One very high profile way of highlighting the vital job that workers do in providing services, keeping people safe and contributing to the motoring on of the economy is to acknowledge them, thank them and praise them at the highest level and with the greates impact of publicity - for example the president could mention them. One example of this was during the 9/11 trauma when the fire fighters and emergency services workers were shown the personal appreciation and gratitude of the nation via the president during high profile media broadcasts. This is good because it raises the profile of the workers and encourages added respect for them from the general population and youngsters coming up who may look more favourably on those career options.

More subtly, the esteem of working careers can be rised in school and career services. It can be shown that certain skills such as manufacturing and engineering are respected - this strategy works very well in Germany where engineers enjoy a higher social status. Children can be given a more positive view of manual careers as they come up through school and then offered manufacturing and service roles through careers advice.