Now that Eveline has decided to leave, what has she begun to notice?

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Once Eveline makes the decision to leave her life in Dublin to marry the sailor Frank and go abroad, she begins to second guess herself and starts to notice all she might losing. She wonders, for example:

What would they say of her in the Stores when they found out that she had run away with a fellow?

She describes a job she dislikes and a home life where she has never been loved, favored, or appreciated. She remembers working hard—as she still does—and not feeling respected. But as the time to leave approaches, she remembers her father. It occurs to her that her father is getting old and might not be able to get on without her. She remembers a rare act of kindness from him that happened recently:

Not long before, when she had been laid up for a day, he had read her out a ghost story and...

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