In The Diary of Anne Frank, please describe the newcomer who comes to live in the secret annex in November.

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In November a local Dentist named Albert Dussel comes to live and hide with the Franks and the other Jewish people living in the annexe.  Mr. Dussell  was a stuffy old man. He left his wife while in hiding.  She was a Christian so she did not have to worry about the Germans.  This could be one reason he was so hard to get along with. He had to share a room with Anne and they didn't like each other.  Dussel was also afraid of cats so the group had to try and keep Mouschi, the cat away from him. There were now 8 people living in these cramped rooms and Dussell was difficult to get along with.

"Mr. Dussel is described by Anne Frank as a demanding, unsympathetic, inconsiderate, and fussy person who prefers to be left alone."

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