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What is an example where Marcus displays that he is helpful and caring individual in the novel Wounded by Eric Walters?

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Marcus demonstrates that he is a caring individual when he makes coffee for his mother.

Marcus is a teenager whose father is a soldier in Afghanistan.  Most kids would probably act out and complain with the roof leaks in their bedroom and everything in the house is in a state of disrepair, but not Marcus.  Instead, he thinks about his father and understands that he is in a much more difficult situation.

Every morning, Marcus makes coffee for his mother and sits down to drink a cup with her.

This was part of our morning routine.  I put on the coffee and she poured us a cup.  This had been part of her routine for years, except before she had always shared it with dad, not me.  I’d been filling in for him in a lot of ways lately. (ch 1)

Marcus has filled in for his father in his mother’s morning routine.  He tries to make her laugh, because few things make her laugh anymore.  The whole family is worried about Marcus’s father.

Marcus seems nicer and more sensitive than most boys his age.  He tries to help his mother out, and they support one another.  He knows she is struggling, and it is one of the few ways he can help.  He does not complain, and he does not share his worries.


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