In the novel "White Oleander" what type of narration is being used in the novel?

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In this Jantet Fitch novel, "White Oleander" Astrid Magnussen is the narrator.  She is a teenager who must learn to deal with the foster care system of growing up, because her mother has killed her lover and is in prison.  Astrid narrates this story in the first person and it is very engaging and really draws the reader into her life.  We go through the relationship between she and her mother, and we feel the need she has to be loved for who she is and not what others want her to be.  I was an adopted child and was really drawn to this story.  Ms. Fitch really reaches the core in her writing and the book is a really good read.  By putting the story in Astrid's voice the novel is better than it would have been had it been written in a different type of narration. 

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