In the novel Treasure Island, how does Jim and Silver’s relationship change throughout the novel?

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At the introduction of Long John Silver's character, he is a very intimidating figure. However, he takes a liking to Jim early on. While he is an imposing force, he becomes somewhat fatherly towards Jim, mentoring him and showing him the way of sea life. Jim, being a rather shy child initially, begins to come out of his shell more due to Silver's influence.

However, when they arrive on the island, Jim and his compatriots are betrayed by Silver and the other pirates. Because of the relationship between the two of them, though, Silver and Jim join forces and eventually reconcile, finding the treasure and abandoning the remaining pirate crew on the island. Upon arriving at home, Silver escapes, allowing him to live a free and wealthy life, and he and Jim part on good terms.

Throughout the novel, Jim's relationship with Silver changes and evolves. When the novel starts off, Jim looks up to Silver. He is fascinated with him and idolizes him. Silver feels the same way and sees Jim both as a...

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