Describe Minervan in In the Time of the Butterflies. Can you also say how is Minerva different from Dede?

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Minerva becomes a leader of the underground movement against Trujillo and is code named Mariposa, which means butterfly. She eventually arrested for her insurgent activities and is imprisoned as is her husband. The event that began Minerva's political insurgency is that at school she met and befriended that quiet and withdrawn girl named Sinita Perozo who tells Minerva that all the males members of her family were assassinated for resisting Trujillo. Minerva spends the rest of her days fighting for justice. She could always speak up for herself and always felt great confidence. Then, upon learning Sinita's story, she used her qualities and traits for justice, even after Trujillo imprisoned hr father and husband and refused to grant her a deserved license to practice law.

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