In the novel To Sir With Love, what were some of the conflicts and how were they resolved?  

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Rick Braithwaite faces a number of conflicts in the book To Sir With Love. One of the foremost is his inability to secure employment after being demobilized from the RAF.  Braithwaite is an experienced engineer, and he leaves the Air Force believing that he will have no trouble getting a job as a civilian.  Unfortunately, in the social fabric of post World War II Britain, a thinly disguised but virulent attitude of racism prevails.  Braithwaite applies for a long series of positions, but is hired for none of them because of his race.

Braithwaite takes the advice of a random old gentleman he meets at a park, to look for employment in a completely different field.   The kindly man suggests teaching, and Braithwaite is indeed able to get a job as an instructor at Greenslade School.

As a teacher, Braithwaite must resolve many conflicts concerning his students.  Early on during his tenure, his...

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