In The Kite Runner, Rahim Khan could be given the title of the secret keeper. List the secrets he kept and who was involved in the process?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rahim Khan does keep--and later reveal--some important secrets during the course of The Kite Runner. They include:

  • BABA & SANAUBAR.  It is actually Baba who impregnates Sanaubar, not Ali.
  • BABA & HASSAN.  Consequently, Baba is actually the father of Hassan, not Ali.
  • HASSAN & AMIR.  And further, Hassan and Amir are actually half-brothers.
  • HASSAN'S RETURN TO BABA'S HOME.  Amir first finds out from Rahim that Hassan has returned to live in Ali's old hut at Baba's home.
  • HASSAN'S DEATH.  It is Rahim who reveals to Amir that Hassan has been murdered by the Taliban.
  • SOHRAB.  Rahim also reveals (through Hassan's letters) that Hassan has a son, and that he is still living in Afghanistan.



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