In the novel "Lord of the Flies" what does (Lord) represent and what do the Flies mean? ...What did they represent in life and in the novel itself?

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The title itself is an allusion to the Bible since “The Lord of the Flies” was a title given to Beelzebub.  The word Lord could of course stand for supreme leader or one to be worshiped.  The flies could be symbolic for the boys themselves that found themselves drawn to the evil of the Lord of The Flies. But the words really can’t be taken apart like that.  As has been previously discussed, “lord of the flies’ is a translation of the Hebrew Ba’alzevuv (Beelzebub in Greek). It has been suggested that it was a mistranslation of a mistranslated word...for the Devil..." In the story the panic and decay that takes place is symbolized by this pig’s head. In its ‘talk’ with Simon it explains what the Beast really is. ”In today’s world the importance of this is that we must always realize the importance of integrity and morals within each of us to make sure the world remains civilized.  All the laws and government in the world can’t keep people from following the ‘lord of the flies” if they don’t stop themselves.  We must be diligent to do what is right because it is right.  To do the right thing even when we are sure we won’t be caught if we do the wrong thing.

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